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Provincial Labour Office Mukdahan

Office workers Mukdahan Province. Training program to promote prevention campaign and the narcotics problem.


On January 20, 2552 office workers Mukdahan province has organized training programs to promote information campaigns on prevention and drug problems. Operations in place of Mukdahan Province in 2552 at the Conference Room 103 City Hall, Mukdahan Province. With the support from the budget. Sts.h. Mukdahan. In training to enhance knowledge about the campaign activities and prevent drug problems TO BE NUMBER ONE place for operations in the province of Mukdahan 30.

In training honored by your Deputy Governor Mukdahan Province (Dr. Preecha Sommai Arts) to honor the President in the ceremonial opening of training. And special lectures on topics. “Campaign to promote prevention programs and drug problems TO BE NUMBER ONE Mukdahan provincial level” and to encourage the establishment of business representatives at provincial level will be a contest in the Northeast on Feb. 6, 2550. As provinces.